Van Hire Terms & Conditions Glasgow

1) Your Contract with us:-
When you sign the form over the page you accept the conditions set out in this rental agreement. if there is anything you do not understand or do not agree with, please ask any member of staff at the place you rented the vehicle from.



2) Hire period no less than 24 hours from Date & Time of collection.



3) Payment is required at our current Tariff:-

(a) by Account customers 1 month form Date of Invoice issued either
(i) weekly or
(ii) date vehicle returned
(b) all other customers, before collecting vehicle.



4) If insurance is required:-
(a) Hirers driver shall be aged no less than 23 years with a suitably clean driving licence, unless previously referred to and accepted by our insurers.

(b) a deposit of £200 must be left to cover part of the Insurance Policy Excess, of which the hirer is liable in full.
Policy Excess = £500 for all vans, £1000 for trucks, £1500 if vehicle stolen.
In the event where our vehicle has incurred any damage or 3rd parties vehicle or property has incurred any damage due to an accident or after being stolen, we will exercise the right to charge your debit or credit card the further sum of £300 for vans or £800 for trucks, £1300 in the case of theft on top of the deposit already left, this will mean the policy excess has been retained by us. If in due course whether by admission of liability from the other party or by a longer dispute between the Insurance companies only once liability has been proven will we be able to reimburse you of this cost, unfortunately we cannot just “take your word for it”. We will not require your permission for the above. If repair costs are less than the deposit retained the difference will be refunded.

(c) All terms, conditions & limitations must be adhered to by hirer, a copy of these can be perused at this office.

(d) Hirer must pay Insurance Charges at current Tariff.

(e) Any damage suffered by the vehicle as a result of the wilful or unwilful action of the Hirer shall be their responsibility and must be reported immediately.

(f) If the vehicle is returned late you will most likely be charged for an extra day or days.

(g) If you try to extend the pre booked term of the hire but are told you cannot because availability is not possible then you must return the vehicle by your due return date and time. Should you breach this rule then on top of the daily rental charge there may be a further penalty of £100 per day.



5) lf Hirer providing own insurance:-

(a) a copy of Hirers Policy or Cover Note should be provided, along with Brokers details so we can check the policy details with them.

(b) Vehicle should be covered Fully Comprehensive and no Terms of your policy should be changed for the duration of the hire.

(c) Hirer should ensure conditions of Policy are adhered to and shall procure that any compensation under said Insurance is Paid directly to ourselves.

(d) In the event of a claim, if Insurance Company does not make full Settlement, Hirer will be liable for difference.



(a) It is the responsibility of the Hirer to check the Oil & Water daily and top up if required. Punctures, Broken Mirrors & Lenses are also the responsibility of the Hirer. Also working order of lights & tyre depths should be monitored by hirer.

(b) Any call-outs required due to negligence that has caused the vehicle not to start or breakdown will be charged in full to the hirer. Punctures and damaged tyres will also be charged to the hirer, including call out charges.

(c) Any failure or damage of a mechanical part, including taillifts, due to overloading or insecure goods in rear will be charged to hirer.



7) All vehicles over 3500 GVW are subject to Operators Licence regulations & it is the responsibility of the Hirer to comply with these rules according to the Department of Transport.

8) We are not responsible for loss or damage to any property stored or transported in the Hire vehicle.



9) The Vehicle will not:-

(a) be taken outwith UK without informing us prior to Hire.

(b) be used to propel or tow a trailer or other vehicle without our prior consent.

(c) be used for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward or driving tuition.

(d) be used for any unlawful purpose or for racing, pacemaking, competitions or speed testing.

(e) be used in such a manner that it is overloaded or is carrying more goods than it was designed to carry.

(f) be driven in a manner which would render void the Policy or other contract of insurance or in contravention of any Road Traffic Legislation or construction and use regulations or by any person not licensed to drive the vehicle or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.



10) If the Hirer commits a breach of this agreement, including failure of payment, we will treat it as terminated and reserve the right to intercept & take possession of the vehicle. All vehicles are fitted with Tracking Devices.



11) The Hirer shall be liable as owner of the vehicle in respect of:-

(a) any fixed Penalty offence committed in respect of the vehicle under Part lll of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 of the Road Traffic Act 1991 as amended, replaced or extended by any subsequent legislation or orders.

(b) any excess charge which may be incurred in respect of the vehicle in pursuance of an order under section 45 & 46 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 or the Road Traffic Act 1991 as amended, replaced or extended by any subsequent legislation or orders.

(c) any financial Penalty or Charge demanded by any person, corporation or authority as a result of the vehicle being left or parked in an undesignated area or private land.

We will share your data with any Government & Law enforcement bodies where legally necessary. Please see our full Privacy Policy on our website.
An administration charge will apply each time representations are made.


12) The Hirer is obliged:-

(a) to return vehicle with same amount of fuel as when it left or pay current Tariff for fuel used or any accessories, tyres or tools damaged or stolen.

(b) where hire is less than 1 week, pay current Tariff for any miles in excess of 250 per day.

(c) return vehicle in a clean & empty state, otherwise time taken to clean vehicle will be charged to hirer including spillages which may have left a bad smell.

(d) In the event of any accident, details of any damage no matter how small to our vehicle or third parties vehicle or property must be reported to us immediately. To safeguard our interest in the event of an accident by obtaining names & addresses of any drivers or witnesses by photographing any damage to our vehicle & third party vehicle & by informing the Police if appropriate.

(e) ensure vehicle is always locked when unattended. You will be liable for an excess of up to £1500 if vehicle is stolen.

(f) The Hirer must report any faults with the vehicle to us immediately including any warning lights, failure to do this may result in further unnecessary damage which may be chargeable to you.

(g) in the event of the vehicle breaking down, not to abandon the vehicle if repairs or a replacement can be delivered within 24 hours. If the vehicle is abandoned within this time the hirer will be held liable for labour costs involved in returning the vehicle to our depot.

(h) In the event of our vehicle being driven through a flood that has been too deep subsequently severely damaging the engine, this will be classed as “gross negligence”. The Hirer will be responsible to pay in full a much larger excess of £1500

(i) In the event of negligence that subsequently loses us use of the vehicle, then we reserve the right to charge for loss of use. This will be charged @ 75% of the daily rental fee per day. This can also be applied if the vehicle has been involved in an accident or has been stolen.

(j) to photograph all sides of the vehicle when being parked outside our yard, on returning out of hours. Unfortunately, we will not be able to just take your word for it that there was no damage when parked up.



13) We are obliged:-

(a) to take all reasonable steps to provide Hirer with a well maintained vehicle.

(b) when informed of a breakdown by the Hirer to see that necessary repairs are carried out promptly if possible.

(c) if repairs cannot be carried out within 24 hours to provide a suitable vehicle or allow Hirer to terminate agreement.



The Hirer acknowledges that the Finance Houses used by the Lessor to fund Goods have certain rights under this Agreement, even though are not signatories of the same. These rights include:

(a) The right to visit or enter the Hirer’s place/s of business to ascertain the whereabouts of any Goods funded by them;

(b) The right to uplift the Goods if the Hirer is in payment arrears to the Lessor or if the Lessor is in any breach (or howsoever described) under any Agreement between the Lessor and the Finance House;

(c) In the event that the Lessor enters administration, receivership or liquidation and has not paid the Finance House for the Goods, the Finance House has the absolute and immediate right to enter the Hirer’s premises or those of the Hirer’s customers to identify the whereabouts and uplift the Goods;

(d) Alternatively, the Finance House may, at its complete discretion and without prejudice to their rights agree to enter into a direct relationship with the Hirer to continue leasing the Goods until the end of the Contract Period under this Agreement.

(e) Subject to the Finance House’s agreement, if the Lessor goes into administration, liquidation or receivership the Hirer shall be entitled to make Rental payments to the Finance House directly so as to avoid termination of the Contract Period of that Agreement; such payments must be made without set off, deduction or counterclaim.



van hire terms glasgow

Van Hire Terms Glasgow

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