Benefits of hiring a van on Contract Hire

Benefits of hiring a van on Contract Hire

Contract Hire is undoubtedly becoming more and more popular throughout Glasgow. Not just for taxation benefits, but because the whole contract hire package takes away a lot of unwanted responsibilities from the operator, letting them get on with their everyday commitments with peace of mind knowing that they have quality vehicles on the road. 

Should there be any issues with them they can rely on us to step in and take care of that for them, including if necessary a replacement vehicle to keep your business on the move. More and more people throughout Scotland are now relying on contract van hire as this can insure that your fleet is always in top condition with fairly new vehicles.

Benefits of hiring a van on Contract Hire

  • Low Initial Payment – When you hire your van, you will negotiate a time period with us that you believe will suit your needs. A payment plan will be set up for you to pay your fee monthly, meaning your cash flow will be greatly improved.
  • Reduces Administrations – Contract hire releases management and accounting staff from the burdens of the time consuming vehicle admin. Contract Hire reduces the amount of paperwork significantly, allowing your team to focus on more profitable objectives.
  • Money Saving – You may only need your vehicle for six months, if this is the case, buying would not benefit you in any way and you will just be wasting money on a product you’ll no longer need once your job is finished.
  • Off Balance Sheet Funding –  Contract Hire is classed as an operating lease, meaning that the vehicles do not show as depreciating items on your balance sheet. Rentals are classed as a revenue expenses and are shown in the profit and loss account.
  • Freedom Of Choice– You can choose the vehicles that you want on hire and decide on the contract that you redeem best for you.

Leslie Commercials Contract Van Hire

Leslie Commercials offer Refrigerated vans, Curtainside, Dropside and standard boxvans with or without tail lifts for contract hire. We also specialise in 7.5 tonnes truck hire in Glasgow.
Leslie Commercials have provided contract hire for 25 years and offer a personal service to their customers so you can be assured you are in good, professional hands at all times.

You can find more information around our website, or you can click here for our Van Hire Prices.

If you have any hesitation or would like to enquire about a Van Hire Glasgow, please get in touch and one of our representatives will be more than happy to help you out, or to discuss any of the Benefits of hiring a van on Contract Hire.

Benefits of hiring a van on Contract Hire

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