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Van Hire Robroyston

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Moving house? Getting rid of some of your stuff? Or do you just need help with getting rid of waste after a garden or home renovation? You’re going to need a van! Leslie Commercials is here to help with those in need of van hire Robroyston. There are different sized vans available to ensure your requirements are catered for, and competitive pricing on private or business uses.

The Short Wheelbase Transit Van has been the most popular van of choice for 40 years, and the Ford transit van is available for hire from Leslie Commercials. You can drive this van with a regular licence, and it allows for a payload of just under one tonne, giving you a massive amount of weight to play with. It has a side loading door, tie hooks, and a dual passenger seat. For one day, it will cost £50 for private use, and £40 for commercial use. This would be a perfect van for zipping around town on a number of different errands.

If you are looking for something slightly larger when it comes to van hire Robroyston, you could go for the Long Wheelbase Ford Transit Van. This allows a whopping 1.5 tonnes of payload, and has an extra high roof to ensure there are no restrictions to the items you could haul away. The van comes with Bluetooth, cruise control, and parking sensors, as well as tie hooks. With a modern and comfortable feel, this van is great for longer journeys. It’s also only slightly more expensive, with prices of £60 per day for private use, and £45 for business use, giving a lot more van for you buck!

These vans are tried and tested every day by builders and civilians on all kinds of jobs, and it’s no wonder they’re are coming back for more. To discuss your van hire Robroyston needs, give us a call today.